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Artec Manual Transmission Nutstrip

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JK Manual Transmission Nutstrip for 2012+ Bellypan (JK1010 or JK1020)
Add this product to your JK1010 bellypan when installing in a 2012-current JK or JKU with a manual transmission. The bracket JK1010-6 in your bellypan will need a slight modification by removing the press nuts from it that correspond to the press nuts in this bracket nut strip. Then the studs from the transfer case can feed through the holes in the bracket JK1010-6. Clear zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
NOTE: ONLY FOR USE WITH ARTEC JK1010 or JK1020 Bellypans for model years 2012-2016 with manual transmissions. Not for use with any other manufacturer's bellypans.